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Jesus, Joel, and a Hundred Preachers More

As great communicators go, clearly in the absence of any mass media at the time, Jesus must have been an amazing speaker. Maybe even miraculously so.
He reached the hearts and minds of thousands upon thousands of people in such a skillful way that his message of love and godliness, espoused so long ago, still carries on to this very day.
But what if the facts were slightly changed?
What if, as blasphemous as this is to suggest, Jesus had a lisp? And what if, because of this solely theoretical lisp, Jesus felt he had no other choice but to follow his "B" plan? I mean let's face it, Joseph was probably a pretty savvy carpenter so one might suspect Jesus wouldn't have been all that clueless to the ways of using a hammer and saw as well.
So what's my point with all these crazy thoughts? Quite simply this. If all it would have taken was a silly lisp to have had the power to change all of humanity as we know it today, then it's also my belief that other seemingly little things in…
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Just Sayin'

For a man, true style is the effort it takes to make it look like an effortless endeavor. For a woman, it's the effort, visible to all, that makes for her perfect evening. There is no greater barometer of a city's civility than the collective driving habits of it's citizens during rush hour. Cubicles, khaki pants, and company monogrammed polo shirts are analogous to prison wear and its cell-like housing. Together they diminish free thought and are an indisputable petri dish for corporate disloyalty. Absolutely no one enjoys looking at the pictures on your cell phone. A true intellectual welcomes a dissenting opinion. If an atheist can be no more certain in the absence of a God than a believer can be in the presence of a God, then I choose the latter. Unlike faith, all that atheism offers is debate and conversation. Very few technological advancements in the last few years please me more than the inevitable death of cable television. I suspect pharmaceutical firms are now…

Little Miss Hollywood

Yes, yes, yes this is Facebook stuff. So sue me. I'm a very proud grandfather.  Enjoy.

A Bipolar Upside Rarely Mentioned

There are some things people with various forms of personality disorders and manageable mental illnesses do very well. Like all others, including bipolar people like myself, there are also some things we do rather poorly. I'll concentrate my thoughts here on being bipolar since, as luck would have it, I happen to be an expert on the subject. While I don't want to minimize the negative effect a personality disorder like bipolar might have on a person -- here's a rarely mentioned truth about it. There's actually an upside. Talk about a conundrum huh?
According to a recent study published (4/2017) in Psychology Today: "It is not known why the link between bipolar and creativity exists. However, some experts speculate that it may stem from the experience of being bipolar – that the intensity of feeling that accompanies episodes of mania and depression leads to the heightened awareness that allows for great creative expression."From personal experience, I can onl…

Las Vegas -- What Went Wrong?

A question for the NRA. How would you propose we keep guns out of the hands of those with a mental illness that, at times, manifests itself through a propensity for violence? Would you do nothing and simply acknowledge that, for the greater good, the killing of 67 people is an acceptable margin of collateral damage in the name of freedom? I don't want to ban guns. It's shocking though, that with all the financial resources of the NRA, you couldn't do a better job for all Americans...irrespective of their political affiliations.