Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Jesus, Joel, and a Hundred Preachers More

As great communicators go, clearly in the absence of any mass media
at the time, Jesus must have been an amazing speaker. Maybe even
miraculously so.

He reached the hearts and minds of thousands upon thousands
of people in such a skillful way that his message of love and godliness,
espoused so long ago, still carries on to this very day.

But what if the facts were slightly changed?

What if, as blasphemous as this is to suggest, Jesus had a lisp?
And what if, because of this solely theoretical lisp, Jesus felt he had
no other choice but to follow his "B" plan? I mean let's face it, Joseph was
probably a pretty savvy carpenter so one might suspect Jesus wouldn't
have been all that clueless to the ways of using a hammer and saw as well.

So what's my point with all these crazy thoughts? Quite simply this. If all
it would have taken was a silly lisp to have had the power to change
all of humanity as we know it today, then it's also my belief that other
seemingly little things in life have the same power. A soft hug to
someone having a difficult day, or taking the time to kneel down to a
child's height just to reassure him, "It's all going to be just fine", are, in
the grand scheme of life, the kinds of things, things within our own grasps,
that impact humanity in such a powerful way too.
Keep my comparison in mind the next time an opportunity arises to express
love, compassion and empathy for your fellow man.

We don't need Jesus, Joel, and a hundred preachers more to be good people.
We don't need Jesus, Joel, and a hundred preachers to make the world a
better place. We simply need to be a party to those little things. The little
things that also have the power to keep a message of love and godliness
in our hearts forever more.

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